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Fleet Branding

AT&T Van One
AT&T Van Two
AT&T Van Three
AT&T Van Four
AT&T Van Five
AT&T Vans Six
As an agency of record for AT&T, Interbrand-New York, was asked to explore new ideas for the brand that would give it a contemporary visual expression, starting with their newly acquired fleet of natural-gas-powered Chevrolet vans.
The AT&T logo, with its ubiquitous globe and stripes, was taken as a starting point for design explorations. By enlarging and overlaying the logo stripes with colored bands, a new visual language became apparent; this was then applied to the vans based on a two-tiered design system.

A standard pattern (pic. 1) would be assigned for corporate vans, and a more flexible pattern with photography (pic. 2–4) would be used for U-verse, a triple-play telecommunications service, that features premium content on cable TV. The last two images at the bottom show final revisions.