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Design System

OFI Design System Screen One
OFI Design System Screen Two
OFI Design System Screen Three
OFI Design System Screen Four
OFI Design System Screen Five
OFI Design System Screen Six
OFI Design System Screen Seven
OppenheimerFunds, a global investment bank based in New York City, has multiple digital properties, such as the customer-facing website and mobile applications. Over time, the system became inconsistent, leading to delays in turn-around time for the engineering team. A design system that will establish standards, which the design and technology teams could communicate and agree upon, was urgently needed.
The first task was to understand the current design/dev work-flow, audit existing screens, and templates, as well as inspect CSS styles. With an intent to simplify, redundancies were called out, and a global style system using Sketch libraries was demonstrated by re-building master templates from the ground up. Custom elements, such as icons, and shared components that can be reused, were also designed.

By conducting feedback-driven reviews, where all members of the design and engineering team were involved, the design system became a full-team effort. Finally, the stakeholders saw a solution that is consistent across the board with future flexibility in mind. The new design system was successfully implemented on the live site.